Hospitality Digital: “Attention, patience and helpfulness”

nearSea Technologies

Collaboration between nearSea Technologies and Hospitality Digital has resulted in a product that offers digital solutions to restaurants, with both companies working together closely.

Hospitality Digital helps restaurants to be successful online and make more profit. Our digital solutions offer everything from a Google-optimised website to 0% commissions on online ordering and reservation systems.

The partnership between nearSea technologies and HD happens through the development of a product in which both companies work hand in hand. Nathalie, HD's Product Owner, reveals that this collaboration has been important for her integration into this partnership, stating that the members of nearSea have been very helpful, always available to explain and help her, and have been very friendly and patient. Despite this good relationship and the positive aspects highlighted, HD's product owner states that there is always space for improvement for everyone involved in the project.

After addressing the positive aspects and what needs to be improved by nearSea Technologies, Nathalie endorsed that she would strongly recommend nearSea's services to a potential partner, reinforcing her strong desire to continue working with the company. For her, the word that best describes nearSea Technologies is helpful, since this word includes the attention and patience shown, but also the good service that has been provided.