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NearShore Digital Teams
Nearshore Digital Teams
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Virtual Captive Units

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At nearSea Technologies, we are committed to the people behind a business. We want to know your motivations, your thrive, and most importantly the goals you want to achieve as an organization.
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Meet our sharks and dolphins that are making waves around the world. We like to share moments, stories and values together, which makes us a team with a purpose to achieve our goals.
Team - Pedro Pinho
Pedro Pinho
Managing Director
team member
João Castro
UX/UI Designer
Team - Joao Sousa
João Sousa
Mobile Developer
team - Igor
Igor Almeida
Software Developer
Team - Luis Marques
Luís Marques
Mobile Developer
Team - Susana Velez
Susana Velez
Product Owner
Team - Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca
Mobile Developer
Team - Nuno Moura
Nuno Moura
Head of Talent Experience
Team - Alice
Alice Coelho
People & Culture
Team - Catarina
Catarina Ferreira
Talent Experience
Team - Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro
Software Developer
Team - Tiago Sousa
Tiago Sousa
Software Developer
Team - Isabel LinhasRoxas
Isabel Linhas Roxas
UX/UI Designer
Team - Sergio Ribeiro
Sérgio Ribeiro
Team - Pedro Pereira
Pedro Pereira
Mobile Developer
Team - Joao Palma
João Palma
Software Developer
Team - Adauto
Adauto Silva
Software Developer
Team - Ana Rita
Ana Rita Nunes
Talent Experience
Team - Ines Goncalves
Inês Gonçalves
Talent Experience
Team - Pietra
Pietra Pieta
People & Culture

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Rui Monteiro - NAU21

Rui Monteiro


"Whatever the problem is, there is always commitment from nearSea and that makes all the difference so that you can manage your goals".

Bruno Pires - Kenbi

Bruno Pires

Co-founder Kenbi

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